Information- and Mobilisation event about
No Border Camp in Köln/Düsseldorf

Main topics of the camp will be: the relation between everyday racism and institutionalised/(and) structural racism, Antiziganism, the campaign „Alle Bleiben!“, (charter-) deportations from the airport in Düsseldorf and all that against the background of capitalistic exploitation dominated by neocolonial relations.

The camp is intended to be a place of discussion on antiracism, a critical view on capitalism with opening perspectives on antifascism and feminism. A place to exchange experiences and plan actions where the struggle of refugees and People of Colour meet the engagement of racism-critical-white people

Date of information- and mobilisation event: 13. Juni 2012, 7 pm
Place: Interkulturelles Begnungszentrum (IBZ), Teutoburgerstr. 106, Room 1 (enter from the backdoor)

Here you can get to the website of the camp.